Timer-app For a Commercial
Flight Pilot

It is used for general reminders such as position reports or re-balancing fuel.
Some pilots liked to use it for certain procedures that require timing.

"Great Flight Timer
I’m a private pilot and I use it for timing my navigation flights. Fantastic !"
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This is the most important aspect of the logbook. The pilot must record the exact moment of departure and the moment of arrival at the other airfield in order to accurately determine the duration of the flight.

This will count toward the total number of flight hours that will eventually be required for licenses and ratings, so accuracy is very important. Pilots often use Hobbs times and tachometer times to get fairly accurate flight times.

In some aircraft, the Hobbs counter is activated when the aircraft's main switch is turned on, while in others it is activated when the pressure switch connected to the landing gear is turned on. In the latter case, only the time when the aircraft is literally in flight is counted, while in the former case, the time is counted from the moment the engines are turned on.

On the other hand, the tachometer is related to the number of engine revolutions and gives much less accurate readings. Together, the Hobbs and tachometer readings give readings close to the actual flight time.

In this case, the time parameter is taken into account as a general parameter and does not affect any intermediate actions of the pilot. The use of a multi-function timer app might remedy the situation. Of course, you may need to pre-configure the timers, the timer groups and how the timers are interconnected to make the process effective, but the game is worth the candle.


I’m a big fan of your app. Use it daily.

As you can see in screenshot below, I use the MultiTimer app in the cockpit as a commercial helicopter pilot, to track Flight Time (Time from engine start to engine shut down), Air time (Time when aircraft is airborne). Also use it for engine 1 minute warmup after starting and 2 minute engine cooldown used before shutting down, as well as Bambi Bucket Tally Counter (water bucket drops on fires).

It would be really amazing if when a timer starts and/or finishes its countdown if it could start/stop another timer.

In my example:
When starting the Warmpup Timer, it would also start the Flight Timer.
When Cooldown Timer finishes it’s countdown, if it could stop the Flight Timer.
Having this feature would be immensely useful.

Internal timer won’t suit my needs as I need warmup and cool down timers to run in parallel to airtime and flight time timers to run in parallel but control the other timers.

Solving the issue with the current functionality of the application:
Adding and configuring the Buttons feature. This solution, of course, will not create full automation of the process, but it will allow you to link groups of timers and control them simultaneously.

Splitting your screen can make multitasking a cinch, allowing you to use apps side-by-side without having to constantly switch between them

Photo by Şahin Sezer Dinçer: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-cockpit-3942318/