About MultiTimer

Stress-free productivity. This timer app creates and saves timers for the activities you do every day, like morning routines, meetings, projects, food prep and children's activities.

The MultiTimer app allows you to beat the clock and manage time like never before. Efficiently tackle your daily tasks with task timers, cook your favorite dish with the help of a kitchen timer, create healthy study habits with a Pomodoro timer, and so many more options to help you throughout the day. 


Set multiple timers with any kind of timer you may need. Available options include intervals, countdowns, count-ups, stopwatches, clocks, tap-based counters, and more. 



Change the layout and arrange multiple timers on the board however you please. Choose layouts such as Adaptive, Fixed, and Flexible and copy, delete, and move timers as needed.

Create several boards for placing multiple timers and run different types of timers side by side. 



Give timers and counters your own personal touch. Customize and accessorize with numerous labels, colors, icons, alert styles, sounds, and notifications.



Change settings and have complete control of your timers. Adjust date and time parameters to specify the duration of each timer. Add extra time to running timers, select "Autorepeat" to restart timers automatically, adjust timer start configurations with delayed start by start time or end time, choose an "overtime" period for completed timers, and more. 



Save all of your timer and counter history and export the app data whenever you need it. Journals track the time and actions of all your running timers and can be exported via CSV file. Export your data to transfer boards and timers to another device. 



Never miss a beat. Receive notifications with action buttons such as Terminate, Restart, and Snooze. Set up auto-lock and icon notification badges quickly and easily. 


Explore a wide range of accessible features. 

- View your timers in a separate screen or fullscreen mode. 

- Access Web functions to display boards and timers on PC via web browsers.

- Use Widgets like the MultiTimer interactive widget and widget for Active timers. 

- Check out Siri integration, shortcuts, and x-callback-URL support.

- Try 3D touch to control timers using the pop-up menu. 

- Use MultiTimer on your Apple Watch app. 


MultiTimer is your next assistant in the kitchen, training coach in the gym, a teammate on the field, or partner at the office. Focus on the most important tasks with quick timer settings and achieve the time management and control you need for work, exercise, daily routines, and more. Download the MultiTimer app today! 


Upgrade today to try out the Pro version and add unlimited numbers of boards and timers. 


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