Ultra Short Race Pace Training

"I am a swim coach and use Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT) which requires timers down to a tenth of a second. Your timer would be perfect for me if we could get tenths of a second. This would be a huge add for swim coaches and I would purchase the product with this add."
Mitch Sweeney, swim coach

USRPT is a high-intensity workout used in swimming to develop specific running technique. However, there is little information on the fatigue associated with this method.

Who is it designed for? This plan is designed for swimmers who want to improve their times in the 50 or 100 with a high-intensity training program
that applies the scientific principles of ultra-short race tempo training.

How it works? The USRPT is designed to teach your body to swim fast
with perfect technique over short distances. The goal of most kits will be
to achieve a race pace and a 1:1 work to rest ratio. The use of fins and
paddles is recommended. This plan can be accomplished in any type of swimming.  Do additional dry land workouts after swimming or on days you don't go to the pool.

The goal of most sets will be to achieve a 1:1 work to rest ratio. This workout plan can be done in any paddling style with the ultimate goal of reducing your time in the 50 or 100 distance. Equipment (fins and paddles) is recommended for the third workout of each week.

You can save the board file to import into the MultiTimer app for later editing and use.