MultiTimer To Help Manage
The Top Level of Field Hockey

Easy to use app for sport coaches to manage player play time.

"A great little app timer.
I use this on the tech bench for field hockey where I need to be timing multiple disparate events. This app is the best I have tried to date, and with a couple of tweaks it will be excellent for my needs."
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How we use Multi Timer to help manage the top level of Field Hockey

We use Multi Timer in addition to the web based system AltiusRT to manage the overall game.

The Multi Timer is used in conjunction with Altius to provide back up and to ensure that the Technical Official has times/clocks at their fingertips. Different Technical Officials have tried using different apps, many have found Multi Timer the best, but further improvements would be great.

For the game we need to manage:

A match ordinarily consists of two periods of 35 minutes and a halftime interval of 5 minutes. Other periods and interval may be agreed by both teams except as specified in Regulations for particular competitions

When a quarter finishes, active cards must be paused, and re-started when the next quarter commences, as must the overall game timer be unpaused.

Photo by Patrick Case: